The Ghosts Among Me

by Crib45

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released January 2, 2009




Crib45 Finland

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Track Name: The Ghosts Among Me
A cold embrace of this fading recollection.
Was it worth it, all the pain and isolation?
Never known why it's such requisite task
to cling on to this burden,
did it make you any stronger?

They still haunt me,
The words that never left me
"They never sleep, the ghosts inside me"

Now that you have thrived in desired aspiration
Desperation hides intrinsic contradiction:
True complacency only comes from self destruction
Such a burden was never meant to be carried alone

Bursting flames could never reach so high to touch you,
nor could sun set so low to ever reach you
Track Name: As I
Fading reminiscence softened by forced reflection
of this omnipotent perfect isolation

On my knees down on this cold ground
while you just watched me bleed
As I scream out all this pain inside
you just watched me bleed

After all I tried you had to let me die
and you just watched me bleed
All this pain, all you gave
while you just watched me bleed

As I...

Leave me here as I bleed
Track Name: A Brief Comfort
Track Name: Beyond The Reach of Repair
Like fragile winter breeze falls apart upon
a silent gaze from the sun I come undone, fade to dark
Torn apart as I slowly burn and start to die
ember's fire never fades and all hope fails again

Tear me apart beyond the reach of repair

Can't believe
Track Name: Requiem
I can see it in your eyes,
all those things you tried to hide
I've been waiting for us to meet
I know you have longed for me

Take the last step, just take the last step

I'll hold you tight until let you sleep
take away the pain you keep
and all your hurtful memories
take my hand I'll give you peace

Now you have told everyone
and spoiled some of the fun
Fear no regrets and just take the last step

Take the last step, just take the last step

Close your eyes and I'll show you
that this life was just a dream on a way to my arms
just go on, let go this world
that only gave you all this pain you hate