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Track Name: Gathering the Storms
As the voices start to fade away
and the numbing silence takes over
I leave this path full of broken dreams...

This night will see the end of me
Track Name: Catharsis
So it came, the fall of grace
riding on the flames of the prophecies
Echoing the venomous
jeremiads of the furtive demagogues

Bestowed a burning effigy
of hate on the chaste
Devour on the serpents blood
as malign assails the frail

Chorale of serpents sang their malevolent chant
"Let your voices build to screams of luring abhorrence"

And servants sang in unison
"Let thy will be done"
Track Name: Waiting For Deliverance
Fading light of the last dying hope
withered out in dusk

A faint dream died in silence,
as my heart cried for escape.
Leaving hope for redemption,
no salvation was received

Waiting here for the deliverance,
as the pieces fall further
Let me drift away and disappear,
there was no place for me in here

Bury my heart where I buried our memory
Track Name: Borderlines
Waiting for the storms to come
and searing down as oceans roar

So she came with raging floods
cast upon our pretensions

At the end of humanity,
where the reason lies languished.
We came to the edge of our destruction
and marched through the borderlines
Track Name: Towards Perdition
Track Name: Clearing the Eye
Track Name: Transcending
Staring back at his reflection
in his eyes I saw myself
Where you're heading I can not follow
not just yet, not before my time

Where the tracks end, covered in snow
they won't find us here, where you transcend

What felt like a lifetime was merely a gasp of breath
now I return to you from this place beyond these dreams.
Shapeless figure without a face reveals life with a strange tongue
now the storms have arrived, so arise and lead the waves