From cold distance I heard the cry
through the overtaking silence
now I am desperate to find shelter
now I search for a place where our broken dreams can still prevail

Old and haggard hearts has grown cold as we drift
oceans apart, through the depths that swallowed me

So let me seek for a brief relief, let me crawl back in this womb
and let me dream, just one more dream, then we can fade away in
cold morning breeze so we can heal these broken hearts that tried to beat their one last beat, please let me drift where we can find our solace

If you can still hear me, know that I'm breathing
if you can still feel me, know that I'm still waiting

If you can hear me, save me this last plea
when I cease to be let me save this memory
as the cold night turns over waves collide and oceans wept in unison


from Marching Through The Borderlines, released April 4, 2014




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